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INDEBT is a cultural destination and non-profit organization dedicated to ‘creating space’. The fluid project manifests itself through an exhibition program, communal gatherings, and the facilitation of cultural locations throughout the city.
     In both its organizational structure as well as curatorial selection, INDEBT aims to rethink conventions and expectations in the art world and broader creative field.


Installation views, This Too Shall Pass, 2021

13-12-’21 ‘till 13-01-’22  

INDEBT proudly presents This Too Shall Pass by Rein Kooyman. a personal project by photographer Rein Kooyman about his journey of self-discovery, nature and acceptance throughout the French Alps. A series of photographs where Kooyman captures the process of painting giant boulders by using natural pigments. The work is shown within an installation of moss and stone from the same area.

     This journey began in the summer of 2020, during the global pandemic, when Kooyman started to feel the instability of nature as a reflection of his own. As a result: the photographer escaped the fast-paced city life, and with an open mind, set foot into the French Alps. It wasn’t until he came face to face with a giant boulder that he realized; the power of stillness - through its seemingly stable appearance—when everything else around it was moving. For a moment Kooyman stopped and allowed the silence to speak to him. It was also in this particular instance, that the photographer noticed himself and his "essential nature" and to experience what it means to be in the moment.
     With the large rocks in mind, the photographer continued his journey on how he could express this peculiar experience and feeling again. This, together with his deep-rooted fascination for nature, led him to research natural pigments as the foundation, which he knew he could later use to colorize his boulder of choice. After painting his first one, Kooyman decided to create the series This Too Shall Pass as an ode to nature and as a reminder to consciously practice the art of being in the moment.
    "The entire process is profoundly peaceful and allows me the time to reflect and balance my unconditional love for nature and the city I live in", says Kooyman. Before colorizing the rocks; Kooyman walked, climbed, hiked and or passed to wherever his instincts guided him towards to. The painting sessions of the giant rocks take between 6 to 10 hours and have been painted during various seasons. Every color became a symbol of a specific period in his life; and as the colors faded with time—so did the moment. The rocks turn back to their natural states and so do we...

   Rein Kooyman (1992 NL) is an Amsterdam based artist. In his artistic practice he explores the relationship we, as humans, have with nature, focusing on ideas such as temporality and impermanence.

This too shall pass #1,47 x 58 cm incl. frame, 2021

This too shall pass #2, 47 x 58 cm incl. frame, 2021


This too shall pass #3, 47 x 58 cm incl. frame, 2021

This too shall pass #4, 47 x 58 cm incl. frame, 2021

This too shall pass #5, 47 x 58 cm incl. frame, 2021

This too shall pass #6, 47 x 58 cm incl. frame, 2021

This too shall pass #9, 47 x 58 cm incl. frame, 2021